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Tuesday, 27 April 2010


My facination with fashion cape wear

Its such a shame that the fashion cape is not worn anymore. Its quite a practical item, keeping you warm and allowing you to either tuck away your arms or having them through the cape slots. I have only once seen them in streetwear in my time, in cold winter Canberra ACT a woman in a three quarter brown cape, on her way to work. Here in this country town of NSW it would surely look out of place.
They can be for warmth or for rain & wind protection. I have added a few nice patterns I have found to demonstrate their appeal.
Beautiful cream double breasted buttoning with boots.

Although this is a knitted pattern, its still is a great look with the hat &and gloves.

More of an office look with a suit set of the 1960's.

I think the Simplicity 8504 button detail is adorable on the red front chest, with the high collar.

Simple, street wear cape for the young lady. Also could be Nurses uniform, of days gone by. Here this cape is worn not for winter, but with a summer dress, to cover the shoulders from those cool evenings.

I found this reproduction 1948 pattern and could not go past it. Variation in cape styles from medium to capelette. I look forward to trying out these. The white hooded one is so sweet, ideal for a winter wedding.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Princess For A Day

Vogue Paris Original 1897.
Yves Saint Laurent
Circa 1960.

I found this 'Princess' pattern on Ebay & initially thought it was a bit over the top, but I couldn't look away. Then I thought why not, everyone deserves to be a Princess even if only for a day. So I bought it. It's currently flying first class (of course) to me and I am going to make up this cape. I will try the tamer version also, eventually.

A line cape, lined to edge in evening or street length, with or without fur trim. High waisted dress in evening or street length, sleeves or sleeveless.