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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Do you do Sewing Pattern Crafts?

I have some vintage craft patterns. I think they really are so very cute, but have not got around to making any. I wonder, do you collect or make craft patterns?
They do come in all types, characters and themes. Some are hilarious!
McCalls 6400.
I thought Id begin with home grown native animals. Kangaroo, Fairy Penguin, Koala & Platypus.
McCalls 2197.
"Watch out little girl, its on your back!"
I like this one particularly. Koala backpack. 1980's.
Butterick 4168 - "The Jet Setters"
1960's. This is one I found in a rural op shop. I think its a bit odd, that's why it appealed to me.
Each have a name: Lover Boy, Rocker, Mod & A Go-Go.
They are all nationalities if you look at the colour of their faces - black, pink, yellow & white. I didn't know Humpty was all nationalities !
Simplicity 7367.
1960's. Fun shaped pillows for children or babies. Characters include: Lion, Turtle, frog, Cat, beetle,
pig. A cute assortment of bed throw pillows.
Simplicity 5739.
Another rural op shop find. I found this one funny, so bought it. I wont ever make it, but Im sure someone will want it and cherish it, so it will be re-homed.
Back in the day before the Onsie terminology !
Simplicity 7427.
How sweet is this puppy dog pattern !
It sure shows the history in the beautiful artwork.
I love the top pic showing their cute bums too...
Simplicity 8223.
Classic  Paddington. With his Sou' wester hat and duffel coat, name tag on his chest incase he gets lost.
So very English and so very huggable.
McCalls 9255.
1980's Gremlins - A movie I loved as a kid.
This is another persons suit - onsie.
Look at those bat ears !
McCalls 8311.
I couldn't leave out, everyones favourite non human - E.T.
Have a look at this suit ! Quite a lot of work in his face.
But my favourite bit is the hand with the "special" finger - note the red tip that glowed in the movie.
I have seen many amazing Craft patterns out there from the bizzare, to "why" to oh so cute !
Tell me about some memorable favorites of yours

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lost ?? Missing ? Incomplete .........???

What do you do with those patterns you find that are not complete?
I don't have the heart to throw them out and so are beginning to stockpile in my sewing room.
I feel, with their age, being no longer in print and historical artwork, it would be shame to throw them out.
Sometimes it can be a matter of only instructions missing - I could search for the instructions.
Sometimes, it can be part of the pattern can be made eg: the blouse, not the skirt.
Im sure some people could make the garment due to their excellent seamstessing experience, just because one piece is missng.
I could make the envelope into some sort of display or artwork.
What do you do with your incomplete patterns?

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Summer Loving

It has been a while between patterns, I'm sorry and I have missed you. Time is the thing, never seem to have enough of it.
I thought I'd celebrate summer and here in Australia, it has been record temperatures. Technically still summer here for another week. So enjoy some summer patter ideas, where ever you may be.
Simplicity 5507.

1960's beach wear. Modest swim suit with beach coat.
Coat can be sheer or solid light weight fabric with long sleeve or no sleeve.
McCalls 4047.
1950's summer top and shorts. Button front top with tie closure at waist.
Bring your lipstick and head for that BBQ.
Simplicity 5444.

1960's Tennis and recreational play suit.
Cute cheeky shorts with pull over tunic top.
Simplicity 5309.
1960's full panel tunic dress. This allows a full panel design for display.
V neck or bateau. I do note here, the red dress with the cat on the front hmmmm...
Simplicity 5455.
Sleeveless dress, two lengths. Versatile summer dress as casual as you want.
I really like the yellow version with the front bow, under bust.

McCalls 7766.
I like the glamour of this pattern. It can easily be a day dress, but I see an evening dress with shimmer fabrics, sheer scarf and short gloves. What do you see?

Butterick 3134.
1960's dress. I think suitable for the picnic you are attending this summer.
Simplicity 7310.
Classic 1960's design. I love this retro dress with is sheer fabric over solid and flowing free movement.
I have seen some re-prints in modern patterns copying this very design, but claiming it as their own. Fashion just keeps reviving !
McCalls 6276.
A very sweet 1950's pattern that can have a full gore skirt or straight skirt.
Bateau neckline with low back.
Just lovely and quite a glam for evenings.
Simplicity 7855.
Evening Glamour all over ! Perfect for the evening cocktail party .
Stunning V neck line with optional ruffle trim.
short or long length.
Choose the colour and fabric that makes you shine !
Simplicity 3903.
Bell dress with V low back. Varying lengths depending on the occasion.
Over skirt with back bow.
Accessorise with opera gloves.