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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lost ?? Missing ? Incomplete .........???

What do you do with those patterns you find that are not complete?
I don't have the heart to throw them out and so are beginning to stockpile in my sewing room.
I feel, with their age, being no longer in print and historical artwork, it would be shame to throw them out.
Sometimes it can be a matter of only instructions missing - I could search for the instructions.
Sometimes, it can be part of the pattern can be made eg: the blouse, not the skirt.
Im sure some people could make the garment due to their excellent seamstessing experience, just because one piece is missng.
I could make the envelope into some sort of display or artwork.
What do you do with your incomplete patterns?


  1. Hmmm not sure, but I'm with you - I definitely wouldn't throw them out.

    1. Yes I agree, until I know what the best thing to do is, I will keep them.

  2. Oh what a shame it would be to throw them out. I know from experience.

    Years ago while in a cleaning frenzy, I discarded my grandmother's old patterns. It is one of the greatest regrets I have. I know that sounds silly...but I truly do regret it. I can still make tears if I allow myself to do so!

    Beautiful patterns from various companies collected and saved by my grandmother, which produced some of the most beautiful clothing I ever wore. Yes, I wore her clothes that she made with such care, they lasted a lifetime!

    Complete heartache....oh, the clothes are no longer in my closet either. Now if this isn't depressing, I have no idea what would be!

    1. Deborah, you have those beautiful memories of your Grandmother and her love of sewing, which is indeed a gift and always present in you.