This site is dedicated to the love of patterns from the past. I enjoy the styles, history, artwork and unique fashion.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

McCalls by Givenchy

McCalls 3625 by Givenchy

I found this absolute rare Givenchy designed pattern on a popular vintage pattern sellers site, but sadly it had already sold for $95.00

I have to say it is one of a kind and at the end of the day, worth it in many ways.

I love the Audrey look alike and her whole pose.

I have never seen another like it.

Beautiful Parisian style...

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

McCall's 9099 (1967)

I will try any cute or unusual pattern fashion. This I thought suitable for the start of my Autumn fashion 2010. It may be Barbie, but she is a fashion girl after all. I just loved the rain wear and sou' wester. So for a quick afternoon of sewing this is what im going to whip up for fun.

I did purchase the pattern on Ebay specifically for the rain cape & hat only to find the cape pattern missing, so had to design the pattern myself.

Circa 1967.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Simplicity 6060 Caftan (1974)

Here is one for all the Groovers... Yes its a caftan. I have made it a little different to the traditional fabrics used. I guess its turned out a little more Goth/ Medieval. Traditional fabrics of the time are suggested as Terrycloth (Mmmm), Velveteen (defiantely medieval), Muslin or Linen.

Circa 1974.

Simplicity 8541 Dress (1969)

Described as a "Jiffy" dress, this is a button trimmed number with back zipper entry. This has a pleat, simulating an opening. Short set in sleeves. Very cute !

Circa 1969.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Yesterday Vs Today

Fashion is a cycle and what was once the latest, is put in the closet and one day again, sees the light of day.
I really enjoy the fashion from the past. That is, not to say there isn't some beautiful modern designs today, but they really aren't worn anymore in day to day living. Sure its not practical in this busy day, but you can fantasise !
I want to explore unique fashion styles from the past, no matter how impractical, but to be adored for their style, and beauty.
I aim to post gorgeous pattern designs and share with others their choices too। I will be also posting pics of garments I have made from my favorite patterns.

Classic Magazine Era

1952 Spring Patterns.

"I am just off to the shops for a litre of milk Daahhling..."

1956 College Fashion
Classic tartan coat & hood.

1958 Spring edition.