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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

McCall's 9099 (1967)

I will try any cute or unusual pattern fashion. This I thought suitable for the start of my Autumn fashion 2010. It may be Barbie, but she is a fashion girl after all. I just loved the rain wear and sou' wester. So for a quick afternoon of sewing this is what im going to whip up for fun.

I did purchase the pattern on Ebay specifically for the rain cape & hat only to find the cape pattern missing, so had to design the pattern myself.

Circa 1967.


  1. How darling! You did a nice job of designing your own cape. I love old patterns but buy them just for the wonderful cover illustrations. I can't sew!

    Ms. Hepburn's Closet is a great name, by the way. I assume you are referring to Audrey Hepburn?

  2. Thank you Sarsaparilla. Sewing pattern covers & illistations, especially from the past are adorable! I too enjoy seeing them.
    Audrey Hepburn has been a long time favorite of mine for her style, beauty and compassionate nature.