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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Simplicity 7897 & Simplicity 6733

Simplicity 7897
Misses' Jiffy Dress - Circa 1968

A - line dres with set in sleeve, back zipper and mandarin collar. Long Bell shaped sleeve. Optional back waistline darts.

I liked this "Mod" very 1960's dress. It brought back the era, with its bell sleeve and short hemline. I put in the optional back and front waistline darts to make it more figure shaping. This was made in a polyester - satin of which the patterning took a while to find, that looked "psychedelic". It calls for bias seam binding for the sleeve trim and I used white. I have never finished a sleeve this way, but I do like it for this particular style and look. Its the first time I have had to match the patterned fabric which was successful, at the back of the dress where the invisible zipper is inserted.

 With this pattern I made a very 60's glossy hat. I have not made a hat before and thought I'd give it a try and I'm pretty happy with it. Its a "sou' wester" style but with some glossy PVC it can look Mod. The hat was really easy to make and now I'll have to make myself some sun hats for this summer.

Simplicity 6733
Misses' Rain Coat & Hat.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Far Out Man !

Inspired by an episode of 1969 Bewitched, I had to bring out the Jumpsuit ! I'm sure many are still hidden in the wardrobe just waiting for the revival...if it may come. I just can't see where they were flattering. Sure is brave though !

Simplicity 7909.

For the Hip Chick of the times in long or short pant. Great with your roman sandals or court shoes for the more conservative look (you wouldn't think conservative is possible!)

Simplicty 6793.

A more tailored leg here, in contrast to the bell bottoms. If you really want to Razz it up try the layered frill at ankle and collar (in pink). So much more romantically feminine.

Simplicity 7445.

You might just need an extra 2 metres on this one just for the pants. Super flared leg available in long or short. WOW.

Friday, 22 October 2010

New York 1967 Designer Dress

1967 Bill Blass - McCalls 8927

I found this gem on Ebay. A gorgeous, stylish, very 60's front  pleated designer dress. A sleeveless four section dress with inverted pleat on the left side. I really like the pleat being to one side and also a sash pocket concealed under pleat. So very modern, but it is really not in time scale. Neck detail has inerfaced bands in neck facing seam. Rear entry zip.
Its so crisp looking and I'm really into the front pleat thing at the moment. Not sure what fabric I will use : Crepe probably, but i like the idea of Linen, but practically I won't as it just crushes harshly, taking away from the perfect crisp look to it.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Welcome Spring !

Yipee its here again...Spring ! This is my favorite time of year. The flowers are blooming and I can smell the scents. I can hear the birds singing again and just love to feel the warmth again. Away goes the flannel bed sheets and put away the jumpers. Something special is in the air.

Butterick 9372.

Cross back button affix, full skirted 1950's dress.
Feeling Spring in this one. Can be worn with a small jacket (Bolero style) to keep the fresh air chill off the shoulders.

This is a Vogue Reproduction of a 1957 design.
Similar in its large skirt but top is more classical and could be for evening or cocktail affairs.
I can hear the rustling fold in this skirt. Crisp cotton blends or for a more seductive dress, satin or taffita.

This Vogue pattern book says it all..."Spring Starts Here!"
For 60 cents you could have had the whole book to view.
I do like the three-quarter sleeve dresses and coat dresses. They are perfect for the warm/ can be cool spring weather.

Simplicity 1970 Pattern Book.
Check out the Groovy scarf and modern independent chick haircut !
Oh that daisy pattern is a classic.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Lets go Back to Mod !

Who was the wise guy who was right in saying "youth is wasted on the young"? How very true ! I want to play dress ups in some Mod gear and not feel silly *pout*. I missed the Mod 1960's thing, but now its made a bit of a return, I'm probably too old ! Well we can always daydream...

Vogue Paris Original ~ Balmain 1529.

When I first saw this, I thought it looked like leather. Now that would be Mod. Its a smart suit set but really Mod to me.

McCalls 8126 .

This block dress could be worn with the sensible shoes or could be with some white Knee highs. What about a white cap?

A scene from "Man From Uncle"

How cute is the zip front dress (to hemline) matching colour knee highs and hat. Note the white segmented detail along the long sleeve arm.

"Bewitched" Serena in her Groovy gear.

Its really hard to find stills from Bewitched and there is some amazingly great time pieces of fashion in it that, some, I have managed to find patterns for. I'd love to bring in some more Bewitched stills and match to patterns, so if anyone knows a good site, do tell.

"I Dream of Jeanie"

I see that Roger has fallen for Jeanie this time in her Mod gear. A sweet pale blue suit with her cute white boots. You would have to match with a white clasp top handbag, surely ?

"The Avengers"

WOW how bold, however I think its more bold today than it was then. Why is that? Why is leather deemed naughty? Well she does have her sensible flat rider type boot on ! The top and pants actually look really comfortable to wear.

Gosh my Mum had a mini as short as this in suede and I still have it. I have not worn it as the waist is way too small. She wore it even after 6 kids and looked really great.

Just love this magazine spread. It captures some of the great fabrics, poses, style and youth of the time.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

It's Cold Outside !

The cold is finally here with icy air and "I dont want to get out of bed" feeling. Although this region is warmer than the southern areas of NSW, I still feel the cold these last few days. I found the perfect pattern for keeping so, sooo warm.

Vogue Paris Original 2484 Givenchy.
Circa 1970's

Long sleeve tunic top with straight legged pants and front zip closure.Tunic is semi fitted with back button closure & front side slits and collar. There is a detached  hood with snap closure.

I'd add those gloves in this climate with a nice pair of warm boots.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Retro reproduction pattern 1950's

I bought this reproduction pattern of 1950's styled garments. Originally I loved the three- quarter sleeve swing coat, so cute! I have nearly completed the three - quarter pinstripe pants and want to make the white cotton top to go with it.

Thank you Simplicity for a reproduction series...I only want them all !

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Evening Gown Luxury

Cocktail Dresses & Evening Gowns are pure Style

McCalls 3788 Givenchy. Circa 1956.
Simple, elegant, and oh so stylish ! A rare and expensive pattern to find.

If you're lucky enough to find one of these now out of print patterns, hang on to it.
Could be made in satins, taffita or silk for the glamour evening feel. The opera gloves just finish it off perfectly.
Princess seams, boat neck with strap back, flowing into a bowed sash.
I think McCalls should do a re-print for those of us who won't find one at the garage sales...

McCalls 4257 Pauline Trigere .

Short sleeve, full skirted cocktail dress. Tied bow detail on front and cowl neck feature shows mostly at rear neck, appears as boat neck at front.
Would be glamourous in satins, silks and taffeta.
Vogue Paris Original 1434 - Nina Rici.
Circa 1954.

Empire waist two piece evening dress. Sheath dress with thin straps and tunic worn over dress. Can be made in two lengths.
A nice adaptation for the "Littele Black Dress" theme with elegance.
Longer length in glamour fabrics such as satin, silk or taffetas ideal for those special events.
Despite the year it is made, it never goes out of style if its classical.

McCalls 4007 by Givenchy.

I saw an original newspaper article describing this pattern & other McCalls Givenchy patterns.
Its from the Tuscaloosa News (?). Cut paste address below to your browser page:

I'd like to buy it with the original price please! I wonder if I sent my money to the address would I be lucky? Not....

Vogue Vintage Model Original 1931 Design.
I was inspired by these slinky designs with  low cut backs. These are reproduction patterns from the 1930's. Very early Hollywood glamour design. I see them in a slinky satin fabric, but where I would wear it on a country property I'm not quite sure, but I'd give it a try !

Vogue Vintage Model Original 1934 Design.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


My facination with fashion cape wear

Its such a shame that the fashion cape is not worn anymore. Its quite a practical item, keeping you warm and allowing you to either tuck away your arms or having them through the cape slots. I have only once seen them in streetwear in my time, in cold winter Canberra ACT a woman in a three quarter brown cape, on her way to work. Here in this country town of NSW it would surely look out of place.
They can be for warmth or for rain & wind protection. I have added a few nice patterns I have found to demonstrate their appeal.
Beautiful cream double breasted buttoning with boots.

Although this is a knitted pattern, its still is a great look with the hat &and gloves.

More of an office look with a suit set of the 1960's.

I think the Simplicity 8504 button detail is adorable on the red front chest, with the high collar.

Simple, street wear cape for the young lady. Also could be Nurses uniform, of days gone by. Here this cape is worn not for winter, but with a summer dress, to cover the shoulders from those cool evenings.

I found this reproduction 1948 pattern and could not go past it. Variation in cape styles from medium to capelette. I look forward to trying out these. The white hooded one is so sweet, ideal for a winter wedding.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Princess For A Day

Vogue Paris Original 1897.
Yves Saint Laurent
Circa 1960.

I found this 'Princess' pattern on Ebay & initially thought it was a bit over the top, but I couldn't look away. Then I thought why not, everyone deserves to be a Princess even if only for a day. So I bought it. It's currently flying first class (of course) to me and I am going to make up this cape. I will try the tamer version also, eventually.

A line cape, lined to edge in evening or street length, with or without fur trim. High waisted dress in evening or street length, sleeves or sleeveless.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

McCalls by Givenchy

McCalls 3625 by Givenchy

I found this absolute rare Givenchy designed pattern on a popular vintage pattern sellers site, but sadly it had already sold for $95.00

I have to say it is one of a kind and at the end of the day, worth it in many ways.

I love the Audrey look alike and her whole pose.

I have never seen another like it.

Beautiful Parisian style...

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

McCall's 9099 (1967)

I will try any cute or unusual pattern fashion. This I thought suitable for the start of my Autumn fashion 2010. It may be Barbie, but she is a fashion girl after all. I just loved the rain wear and sou' wester. So for a quick afternoon of sewing this is what im going to whip up for fun.

I did purchase the pattern on Ebay specifically for the rain cape & hat only to find the cape pattern missing, so had to design the pattern myself.

Circa 1967.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Simplicity 6060 Caftan (1974)

Here is one for all the Groovers... Yes its a caftan. I have made it a little different to the traditional fabrics used. I guess its turned out a little more Goth/ Medieval. Traditional fabrics of the time are suggested as Terrycloth (Mmmm), Velveteen (defiantely medieval), Muslin or Linen.

Circa 1974.

Simplicity 8541 Dress (1969)

Described as a "Jiffy" dress, this is a button trimmed number with back zipper entry. This has a pleat, simulating an opening. Short set in sleeves. Very cute !

Circa 1969.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Yesterday Vs Today

Fashion is a cycle and what was once the latest, is put in the closet and one day again, sees the light of day.
I really enjoy the fashion from the past. That is, not to say there isn't some beautiful modern designs today, but they really aren't worn anymore in day to day living. Sure its not practical in this busy day, but you can fantasise !
I want to explore unique fashion styles from the past, no matter how impractical, but to be adored for their style, and beauty.
I aim to post gorgeous pattern designs and share with others their choices too। I will be also posting pics of garments I have made from my favorite patterns.

Classic Magazine Era

1952 Spring Patterns.

"I am just off to the shops for a litre of milk Daahhling..."

1956 College Fashion
Classic tartan coat & hood.

1958 Spring edition.