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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Lets go Back to Mod !

Who was the wise guy who was right in saying "youth is wasted on the young"? How very true ! I want to play dress ups in some Mod gear and not feel silly *pout*. I missed the Mod 1960's thing, but now its made a bit of a return, I'm probably too old ! Well we can always daydream...

Vogue Paris Original ~ Balmain 1529.

When I first saw this, I thought it looked like leather. Now that would be Mod. Its a smart suit set but really Mod to me.

McCalls 8126 .

This block dress could be worn with the sensible shoes or could be with some white Knee highs. What about a white cap?

A scene from "Man From Uncle"

How cute is the zip front dress (to hemline) matching colour knee highs and hat. Note the white segmented detail along the long sleeve arm.

"Bewitched" Serena in her Groovy gear.

Its really hard to find stills from Bewitched and there is some amazingly great time pieces of fashion in it that, some, I have managed to find patterns for. I'd love to bring in some more Bewitched stills and match to patterns, so if anyone knows a good site, do tell.

"I Dream of Jeanie"

I see that Roger has fallen for Jeanie this time in her Mod gear. A sweet pale blue suit with her cute white boots. You would have to match with a white clasp top handbag, surely ?

"The Avengers"

WOW how bold, however I think its more bold today than it was then. Why is that? Why is leather deemed naughty? Well she does have her sensible flat rider type boot on ! The top and pants actually look really comfortable to wear.

Gosh my Mum had a mini as short as this in suede and I still have it. I have not worn it as the waist is way too small. She wore it even after 6 kids and looked really great.

Just love this magazine spread. It captures some of the great fabrics, poses, style and youth of the time.

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