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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

It's Raining Outside !

I mean really raining !! We have had four days of torrential rain. Time to wear something appropriate to the weather conditions to keep warm dry and Stylish....

McCalls 3330

Just popping down the shops or meeting the Girls for a coffee?
This simple yet elegant 1955 coat will be just perfect.
Single breasted with front pockets to put your gloves in, with a sleek slimline design.

McCalls 9130.

Perhaps you want a night out - Opera ?
High collar, swing full coat with 3/4 sleeve. Its how you present this one that makes it formal or casual. Belt it for a coat - dress style or loose for a more formal presentation.

Mail Order R-125.

Glamour written all over this one. Only for the best fabrics of dazzling 1950's glamour.
Pleated back swing coat worn with a well fitted princess seamed dress.
Taffita, silks, satins...Ohhhhh

Simplicity 7700.

It can be hard to find good old fashioned style in the 1970's, but this is quite nice.
Rolled hem hooded raincoat with tie waist belt and front pockets.
Longer or 3/4 length depending on what you wear with this - some nice boots ?

Simplicity 8975.
Another 1970's Groovin' pattern. I like how the Models have their classic knee or even Over knee high boots on with this coat ( I think the 70's made boots fashionable) or you can wear it with pants (so 70's).

Vogue Paris Original 1019
Jacques Griffe.

Reversible coat with wide collar. No belt simply wear as is with your best evening couture.
I see this in Wool / blends or jacquard's.

Vogue Paris Original 1443
Pierre Cardin.

Classic iconic 1960's dress and coat. Dress with faux wrap style skirt and bow at hip, sleeveless so you can don your gorgeous coat that although single breasted, buttons to the side with tie belt. So very Audrey !

Vogue Paris Original 1472.
Christian Dior.

The designers of the day aren't famous by accident - all style and know what looks great.
Beautiful double breasted coat ( I live the touch of her gloves and clutch purse).

..and if you look closely only $3.00 ( I will give you $4.00 ! )

Vogue Paris Original 1939.
Nina Ricci.

I adore this pattern, but don't have it (yet) myself. I do have something similar (yet to make).
Just gorgeous single side button, belted coat with stand up roll collar. Just magnificent. Simple yet classically beautiful dress that says "I'm not trying hard but don't I look fabulous darling ".

Vogue 4289.
Can be an everyday coat for work, shopping or play. All depends on what fabrics you use.
You can have tie waist or as a simple straight coat. No collar or simple stand up straight collar.
Adorn with diamante brooch.

Don't forget your Hat !

Which to choose ? Go with your mood.

You would feel naked without your gloves...

Happy Rainy Days.

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