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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Can anyone help ?

I am looking for instructions to a pattern "Butterick 5857 - Mary Quant Design."
Body suit & full length coat.

Wondering if I could obtain a copy of the instructions only.

 Mary Quant was the designer of the original 1965 Mini Skirt.
She still has an online shop and does a cosmetic & clothing range still influenced by the MOD era.

please contact me if you can help.
Thanking you kindly Viennasgrace of Etsy for supplying me with the
missing instructions for the above mentioned pattern !
How very kind of you x


  1. Saw your cry for help re a Mary Quant pattern a few days ago and have been wishing I could help, but wouldn't have a clue where to find such a thing. Sorry I'm of no use to you. However you set me off on the research path where I found this piece of trivia. Quant named the mini skirt after her favorite car, which was the Mini.

  2. Hi JP, Really ! Thats quite interesting !! It's wonderful Mary Quant is still selling a fashion label and thank goodness for her bringing us a revolutionary change.
    Thank you for your kind thoughts JP.

  3. Mary Quant is STILL selling a fashion label? Get out of here!