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Friday, 14 January 2011

Graceful Grace Kelly and Inspired Patterns

I recently watched Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock and To Catch a Thief featuring the beautiful Grace Kelly. Both movies are not only intrigueing and fabulous cinematography, but the fashion is so iconic of the time. Grace has the ability to wear anything and look amazing. She even makes a swim at the beach look graceful and is that achievable? She is a rare occurance !

Grace Kelly - Rear Window 1954

 Floor length nightdress and gown. Grace pulls this from her overnight bag and the fabric looks like satin / silk. It's cream in colour, although the film is coloured by Technicolor, so its hard to know its true representation.

Grace Kelly & James Stuart - Rear Window.

The movie is made in 1954, but I found patterns that were in a similar vein to Grace's nightdress are 1940's. 

McCalls 7929.

"So Easy"  pattern Number 159.

Grace enters the room asking JS what he thinks of her nightdress and he hardly notices as he is literally looking out the rear window LOL

So easy pattern # 159

Simplicity 3508.

Butterick 4652.

This 1950's full skirted dress with simple top with a low V back. Tulle skirting with underskirt elegantly completed with white gloves and black clutch purse.

McCalls 4045 - Galanos.

I beleive this pattern is extremely rare. I could only find it as a stock photo.

Suit in green worn in Rear Window.

McCalls 3790

Designer sketch of the suit worn on set by Edith head.

To Catch a Thief is so beautiful to watch both geographically and of course the wardrobe fashion of Grace Kelly.

Grace takes a day at the beach with Cary Grant and is waiting in the hotel lobby wearing her sophisticated swim wear. Overskirt to her swim suit with wide brimmed hat. She looks truly stunning.

Design sketch of the swimsuit and over skirt - Edith Head.

I saw the overskirt on this pattern and it reminded me of the swimsuit and overskirt Grace wore on her way to the beach with Cary Grant. Oh so elegant for a day at the beach.

Simplicity 2602.


  1. What a GREAT post! I loved seeing pattern versions of all these outfits! Especially the Galanos McCall pattern--that's a perfect match for the tulle dress!

  2. Thank you Debi for your nice comment. Its so lovely to see people enjoy the posts :-). Enjoy !

  3. Oh I love matching patterns to vintage fashions! I just did a couple of posts too! Great minds. :)

  4. Inspiring post! Adore Kelly in Rear Window, one of her most ddefining roles x

  5. I love all these outfits, outfits for movies are my weakness, thanks for this post, I enjoyed watching it.

  6. I love that movie and I love that black outfit with the big hat...

  7. Do you have a pattern for the gorgeous white dress Grace Kelly wore in To Catch A Thief? That dress is truly amazing!

  8. Elyse the dress is so stunning and classical. I wish I had the pattern for you (and myself), I'd make a copy for you. Best bet is Etsy or put in an Ebay search for it. Do a Google search and you might get lucky? ;0)

  9. I just watched Rear Window in the wee hours of this morning, drooling over the wardrobe designed for Grace Kelly by Edith Head. Simply gorgeous!

    1. This is how I found your Blog. Wonderful!!!

    2. Grace Kelly, in my eyes is close to perfection. she really had it all. Rear window was one of her loveliest movies - oh an I agree..the glorious fashion too !