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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Audrey Hepburn in Charade

It was time to get my DVD copy out and watch this 1963 movie, with Cary Grant & Walter Matthau. Its classical 1960's fashion and filmaking. It covers a variety of genres; comedy, thriller, romance & mystery. However best of all it has Audrey ! What a beautiful, stylish, pettit lady she was. She could wear a potato sack and look clasically elegant.

The coat pictured was a strong orange in colour and possibly wool.
Designed by Givenchy.

The coat has an open, stand up collar & raglan sleeve.

Large fabric cover buttons in contrast black, which went to wonderfully with her black leather gloves, black bag and black shoes. There is the golden rule - bag should match the shoes !

Vogue 2988

Vogue 2988

Coat in this pattern has very similar neck line and buttoning, however shorter than the Audrey, Givenchy original.

Wool Givenchy Dress with bateau neckline

Simplicity 2602

Without the optional overskirt, a similar style dress with bateau neck & short sleeve dress.
All thats needed is your black belt !

Butterick 9097

The bateau neckline is lovely, but how much sweeter does it look with the bow finish.

Givenchy wool button coat.

Simplicity 8455 - Circa 1969.

The classic Trench

Finished off with her little white leather gloves and scarf.

Vogue 7004

Simplicity 7307

McCalls 5525
I know its not a vintage pattern, but is a modern pattern of a vintage design.

And...don't forget your gloves !

Butterick 4260

Womans Day Vintage sewing pattern.
I have not yet made gloves, but do have a pattern. How hard cna they be? I think they may be a bit fiddley, but would be a pleasure to create in your own colours and textures.

At the start of the movie, Audrey in the Alps

Mcalls 8009
This pattern will create the hood scraf Audrey wears in the alps as well as her head scarf in her trech wearing scene.

Audrey with Pill box style head attire.

Vogue 6121
You too can create the 60's Pill Box Hat at home.


  1. LOVE this post! Adore the yellow coat....and all the other outfits!

  2. That has got to be one of my favorite movies. Love the pattern match ups!!!

  3. Thank you Ladies :) So many beautiful garments worn so fantastically from Audrey.

  4. Audrey is undoubtedly one .... no, definitely my favorite actress of all time. She has a natural elegance that is transmitted. Your work is lovely to find the patterns for all these models. Charade is on the waiting list for my "suit of the month. "

  5. A blog friend of mine bought the Vogue 6121 pattern. When she and her mom got home they found it was missing the directions. She is hoping to find someone with the directions that would be willing to scan them for her. this is her blog post. ... Thanks :O)

  6. absolutely beautiful! lovely! unique!