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Friday, 12 August 2011

Pattern Lovers Find!

What A Bargain.

I had the luckiest day on Ebay. I managed to get these 120+ sewing patterns for $30 !!
Two BIG heavy boxes full.
They range from the 1950's to 1990 and all the yummy years in between.
They were sold by a lady whose Aunt was a seamstress and had also made her sisters wedding dress.
99% of the patterns are in my size - I thought I'd died and gone to sewing heaven.
Today I spent a few hours going through them and so I will share some with you.

Heres the lot ! Some piles are 10 patterns high.

Australian Home Journal 1950's

Fashion Patterns 1950's
This label I have never heard of or seen before - Has anyone else?

Fashion Patterns 1950's
Vogue Couturier Design 2112
Belinda Bellville

I love the back of this dress with the elegant bow.

Vogue Paris Original 1554
This pattern even had the original VPO label to stitch into the completed dress.

Vogue Paris Original 1700

Vogue Americana
Oscar De La Renta
I know it has some intense ruffles on its front,
 but theres something about this pattern.
Butterick 2320

Simplicity 4820
I like the crisp pleated skirt on this dress.

Butterick 5516
Its a Windy Day !!
I have been looking for this pattern for the Pea Coat - so 60's
Simplicity 5775
The Jacket is so stylish - note the collar and the tie front.
I think the matching Jacket lining to the dress fabric is wonderful.

Simplicity 7102
The pink left hand princess cut dress is so sweet. The shoulder bows finish it cute.

Vogue 6935
My eye is on the black with contrast white dress, sleeveless.

Vogue 7525
So very 1960's. The flare sleeve and chain belt.
Not sure about the Turban !
Vogue 7014
1960's Double breasted collard dress.
Is that a Nurses cap on her head?

Simplicity 6823
Empire waist Wedding or bridesmaid dress.

McCalls 6110
The colours in the graphic is beautiful.
I adore the gloves to match!

Simplicity 8485
This is one to make you chuckle - THE collar !
What can I say ? Looks like a flower.
(and what about the womans hair !)

I really enjoyed the wade through pattern time. I have so many patterns now to make, that I think my Husband is hoping I won't need to buy one again (Wrong !).
I may just feel a little guilty when I do (for 5 minutes).

I plan to bring you the "What were they thinking" patterns soon...


  1. Tiny bit jealous of all those vogue patterns!!!

  2. I am pea green with envy - what an amazing bargain - I love them all!

  3. Amazing deal! Wow!!!!

  4. Actually green with envy, especially over the Vogue Paris Original 1554!

  5. It was a wondeful find and I go back through the two boxes full and linger lol...I have plans for actually bringing some of them to life.

  6. would you like sell vogue 2112? i loved this pattern:)