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Saturday, 17 September 2011

What Were They Thinking?

Whilst browsing through my bulk bargain purchase (thank you Ebay) I found some rather questionable fashion pieces. Some I would guess will not make it into "classical" fashion. They were really out there !

Ahh the drop waist... style icon. This design never really looked good on any body type. It achieved more of a "no waist & garbage bag" look.

If you want to look half masculine, half feminine this is for you !
Waistcoat, tie and sports coat with a skirt....stunning.
Note the almost 1920's man shoes.

Note the word "Style" on the pattern. Oh yes that's exactly how I would describe this look.

Let me get up close so you can see all this Style. Drop waist top, with band and collar.
Delicious !

Now that you are inspired with the waistcoat look, why not try it this time with you flares?
Trust me this will get your man staring !

Classical 1980's. OMG. The fairy Princess in yellow has arrived to grant your fashion wish !
Lucky for me I have two of these patterns and should anyone want them (sizes 6 - 16) I would be happy to post you FREE...

"Young Contemporary Fashion". Oh definitely. Could you see teens of today wearing this ?
Who knows it might be on next Winters Vogue?

Drop know how I feel...with the collar and bow. WOW

Laura Ashley. Always a bit flowery and ruffled for me. I think this day dress could easily double as a nightie (for Grandma). My Mum did like the Laura Ashley brand back in the 1980's and it was very popular and expensive. I think it's had it's time.

This has the Eighties written all over it.
A Brooke Sheilds pattern. Look at the perms here. Remember having all those expensive perms !
Lots of taffeta, ruffles and those sleeves !

Gosh I keep coming back to the drop waist and bows - must be a subliminal favorite.
This time with a pleated skirt !

I have saved the best until last... Ruffled, gathered waist.
This is a head turner. You can always use them as Roman blinds when done with the dress !

If there is anything you crave here, be my guest and you can have it :)

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  1. Seriously? I would love to have those 2 Simplicity patterns from the 70's, the one that has the blue pantsuit and the pink shirt suit (can't make out the number) and 5869. Those are classic 70's! I can send you postage if you like! Kiki von Email me and I'll send you my address.