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Sunday, 16 October 2011

1930's Hollywood Glamour

Recently inspired by the 1930's Glamour fashion, I have been hovering over some gorgeous patters
 that are just screaming to me made up and taken out for a party !

Simplicity 2302
A very cute halter top dress with matching heart styled bolero.
Note the breast pockets (odd place) but I like the whole design.

Vogue Vintage Model 2241.
This is a wonderful "Vintage" reproduction series that I wish they would repeat again.
Gorgeous Hollywood glamour !!! I can see this in a rich satin. The fall of the skirt is beautiful
and I really love the low backs in the 1930's evening wear.

Pictorial Review Printed pattern #9471.
Various style either for evening or day.
With cape (I would think in velvet) or Bolero.

Vogue Vintage.
Another of the low backed style of the era.
Ruffled edge on back bodice and glamour train at rear of skirt.
Hmmm I'm thinking satin or a chiffon .

Even at afternoon tea in her Gingham and straw sun hat, she is all glamour.

I adore the long fluid dress with satin. One must be skinny to pull it off successfully !

Butterick Retro '35.

Reproduction series now out of print.
High waisted skirted dress with Bolero jacket.
Yes please, I will take it !

Simplicity 2582.
Belted dress with front single button or tie top.
The long and the short sleeve look lovely and don't forget your gloves.

Magazine page.
I have my eye on the black dress.
The grey one is the back of the same. Love the split back on it with single button fasten.


  1. Oh to be tall, thin and elegant!
    These are dreamy, but even if I got thin and elegant I suspect that being short would ruin the styles...but I can appreciate them on others, so you go right ahead, ;-)

  2. love your blog!it' so inspiring for me!

  3. Needing inspiration- came across your blog. Very nice: substance and design. I looked at a wee bit of your "followings"-- you are a very busy girl. Makes me want to get busy too.... See! your blog has worked already- I am inspired!

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments that have inspired me ! So lovely to hear what others are looking at and are interested in, its why I do this (apart frorm my love of patternss). I have ea new post coming this weekend.