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Monday, 12 December 2011

Its Christmas Time Again !

We say it each year...where did that year go & is it Christmas already?
Some patterns to inspire the Silly Season.

Always a good idea to wear the vintage apron as a fashion statement
and also to protect your glamour dress.

McCall 2073.
"Instant" Full skirted & very bright & pretty.

McCall 917.
1940's full apron with tie back.

McCall 1597.
This one would be right at home here in Australia.
Note the motif of the running rabbit with snags in it mouth.
I thought rabbits are vegetarians? maybe its a dog?
What to wear on Christmas day?
 Not to worry, simply select from here.
Stylish and full of sophisticated girly glamour.
Vogue 1575
Full skirted dress in long or short sleeve.
Optional back bow.
Vogue Paris Original 1189.
Slim fitting cocktail dress at two lengths.

Givenchy by McCalls 3075.
One of my all time favorites.
So Audrey Hepburn - even the model is an excellent look alike.
You can never go wrong with this dress.

Butterick 'Retro" '52 (4919).
Halter style full skirted dress in two lengths.
Perfect in red !

McCalls 5200.
Full skirted tie strap top.
Very feminine, very flirty!

Simplicity 4688.
1960's bell skirted dress with or without straps.
Over blouse optional.
I did find some amusing christmas sewing patterns to add to your
decorations about the home...

Butterick 4661
Some very cute tree decorations made by you!

McCalls 9490
This I have never seen before - DIY smocked baubles!! LMAO

Odd collection in a pattern - DIY purse, glasses case, collar
and santa stocking.
I wish everyone and all creatures a very peaceful, merry christmas.
May the world find love...

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